Earn reflection rewards from our entire Gorilla Diamond ecosystem.
Our network of platforms is designed to maximize passive income for Gorilla Diamond Token ($GDT) holders.
GDT Contract Address
(do not send to this address, it will be lost)
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Market Cap
Tokens Burned
Total Supply
30% Burned
Earn By Holding
6% Reflection to holders for every $GDT transaction
11% Transaction Tax
6% Reflection to holders
2.5% Liquidity Pool
2.5% Burned
Why Gorilla Diamond?
Holders earn reflection rewards from our entire ecosystem.

Gorilla Diamond Inc. is creating a portfolio of products and services designed to incentivize long term token holds. Owners of $GDT earn 6% reflection rewards for holding $GDT and additional transaction reflections that occur within the Gorilla Diamond ecosystem.

Discover cryptocurrencies that are on the rise.

Rising Tokens is a popularity and price-tracking tool for crypto projects. Its mission is to make it easy for crypto projects to be discoverable and empower investors with accurate, unbiased information.

Visit RisingTokens.com

A secure place to buy, store and trade your $GDT.

The Diamond Wallet supports our $GDT and other cryptocurrencies. The Diamond Wallet integrates into our entire Gorilla Diamond ecosystem and supports our tokenomics. One of the unique features is the ability to track your reflection rewards from each of our products and services.

Launch Q3.

Creating the new diamond standard of service markets.

The Diamond Service Market (DSM) will revolutionize the peer-to-peer service exchange category. This project is currently under development scheduled to launch in late 2021.

Our Leadership Team
Ahmad H.
Mason J.
Mathew P.
Ben G.
Mark D.
Road Map
Expand our Executive Team (CCO & CMO added).
check mark
Announce Helping Hands partnership to build a school in Jamaica.
check mark
Release the $GDT reflections page on our website.
check mark
Add a token airdrop service to Rising Tokens.
check mark
Drop our crypto merchandise e-commerce website.
check mark
Expand the Diamond Ambassador program to focus on large celebrities.
check mark
Acquire a legal opinion from our law firm (required for most A-tier exchanges).
check mark
Get listed on large A-tier exchanges (i.e. KuCoin, Gate.io).
check mark
Finish developing and release the Diamond Wallet website.
check mark
Finish developing and release the Diamond wallet app.
check mark
Begin advertising campaign for the Diamond Wallet.
check mark
Continue developing our peer-to-peer Diamond Service Market.
check mark
Reach 50,000 $GDT holders.
check mark
Start brainstorming further use cases for $GDT.
check mark
Think about expanding Gorilla Diamond Inc. to more markets such as eSports.
check mark
Contemplate a Gorilla Diamond Inc. IPO on the Nasdaq and NYSE.
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Oct - Dec
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