Our Team
Ahmad H.
Ahmad H.

Ahmad has been an entrepreneur since the young age of thirteen, when he coded his first online .com humor entertainment website. He has always been a creative at heart, with passions for graphic design, web development, and photography. In his spare time, Ahmad enjoys creating unique graphical designs and photo manipulation art pieces. He loves problem solving and understanding every aspect of all projects he is involved in.

The knowledgeable CEO has over 20 years of combined business experience in information technology, web development, graphic design, and the print industry. He has worked alongside companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE), Boston Pizza, Home Hardware, and Leon’s Furniture Ltd. to name a few. Ahmad has taken lead on several large-scale projects, with more than 100 people working directly under him.

Ahmad began his journey into cryptocurrency around 2015 when he first started mining Bitcoin. Since then, he has continued to study the emerging blockchain technology and its capabilities. Ahmad’s passion for business and technology has led him down many avenues, including the launch of Gorilla Diamond Inc. and $GDT.

Mason J.
Mason J.

Mason has always been intrigued by the innovative nature of computers and loves keeping up with the continual evolution of technology, which eventually lead him to discovering cryptocurrency. He takes pride in being the CFO of an emerging company with an extremely bright future and a focus on the cryptosphere.

The young CFO has spent countless hours consulting the CEO in regard to Gorilla Diamond’s finances and operations. Mason joined the Gorilla Diamond team prior to the company’s incorporation and has been critical to the early success of $GDT. Mason manages the company’s assets, handles all accounting and budgeting, and runs advertising and marketing campaigns.

Currently, Mason is studying business at the University of Miami. The financial skills he has acquired thus far have greatly benefited him during his tenure as CFO. He will graduate with a B.B.A. in Finance and a B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship.

Robert E.
Robert E.

Robert brings Gorilla Diamond an interdisciplinary career background with a continuous theme of strong customer service and technical skill. He has spent the last 12 years in the automotive industry, 5 years running a full-service shop, and more recently helped plan and execute the launch of a mobile restaurant.

Robert has always had a passion for computers and automobiles. He enjoys building his own computer rigs for gaming and mining cryptocurrency, as well as modifying vehicles beyond their intended limits. This love for technology and innovation, drive for customer satisfaction, and a propensity for thinking outside of the box has led him down a natural path into the emerging cryptocurrency landscape.

Starting out as a highly motivated investor in $GDT, he was quickly moved into the role of Project Manager. His team-management abilities and continuous contributions to the company led Robert to his current position as COO. Robert has witnessed Gorilla Diamond’s growth since launch day, and strongly believes in the team’s ability to build a company that sets the diamond standard for all crypto-based businesses to come.

Ben G.
Ben G.

Ben possesses over 25 years of experience in project management and company operations, proving to be an incredibly valuable asset for Gorilla Diamond. For the last 7 years, Ben has acted as the Director of Operations for a leading Montreal IT company, ExpoTools.

As for cryptocurrency, he has been involved with blockchain technologies since 2016 and believes it is the future of doing business. Ben has been writing and developing smart contracts for clients since 2019, focusing primarily on Solidity. He is also fluent in C++, JavaScript, and HTML.

The CTO looks forward to helping Gorilla Diamond reach its’ immediate and future goals through building a strong development team of programming engineers. Currently, Ben’s primary objective is beginning the development of the Diamond Service Market.

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